What you imagine, you create…

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NONDUAL PRODUCTIONS is a film production company founded in Berlin/ Germany by two writers and an actor (Alexey Shipenko, Anna Langoff & Stipe Erceg), to overcome conventional ways of thinking and modes of film production as to open an artistic          perception and working space in which it is possible, to develop uncommonly projects and to follow noncommercial artistic                   intentions. It is set up to give space to communication and                      interdisciplinary cooperation for all kind of artists of all disciplines and all origins.


  • Currently we are editing the documentary LESS…


See our LESS trailer here: https://vimeo.com/152209602

♥ We are happy to announce the premiere of our film FIDELICHE by Alexey Shipenko starring Stipe Erceg and others in May 2016 at the achtung berlin new berlin film award festival.