Name: Synchronized (Original Title : Synchronisiert)

Playtime: 75min

Format: 16:9



Stipe Erceg in ‘Synchronized’


A man abandons his life. Distrusting perception. Leaving for good.

It seems to him… or he believes… No – he knows it for sure, something in the world is entirely wrong. He is enclosed by a world with which something is wrong. With wich something as such is wrong. Such as the world perceives its existence. Is entirely wrong. The perception.

He lost his mother and loses his wife. Meeting death and encountering fear. Searching for presence and love.


Laura Simon in ‘Synchronized’

Until he comprehends. And perceives that staying alive is the same as his journey. To existence and all its connections as such. The journey through. Is a transit.


A perceptive existence that starts to transform him. While he decides that everything – history, background and ancestry, as each connection – pushes forward into transformation. While he forgets his planned trip and just looks at – how reality constantly synchronizes.


Cast & Crew:

Concept/ Director: Alexey Shipenko

Executive Producer: Nondual Productions/ Christian Thiem.

Camera, editing, sound: Alexey Shipenko, Christian Thiem.

Starring: Stipe Erceg, John Mackenzie Unuwovo, Laura Simon, Lea Mornar, Sibylla Rasmussen, Jana Hampel, Leon Langhoff, Markus Boestfleisch, Sophie Wiegl, Reinhold Hanek, Walter Hanek, Andrey Khabarov,  Slava Styl, Luka Erceg, Erceg Josko,  Henry Rusche, Christian Thiem.

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