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“What is so bad about being a human being?” Asks the queer New York artist Melanie T., who has opted against breast reconstruction after her bilateral mastectomy. She and fourteen queer and nonqueer “Flattoppers” from USA and Europe claiming the right to be visible and calling for an accepting and compassionate society – where we can all be ourselves, no matter what.


Each oft them representing something larger with the absence of their breasts – their so called most feminine parts – by resisting society’s presumptions about what a woman should be or do.

And each of them stepping in front of the camera of photographer Esther Haase to celebrate theirselfs and the beauty of existence.


Uta Melle, mother of two daughters, also affected by breast cancer points out that “femininity does not depend on two curves.” But also denounces routine breast reconstruction because of the trauma of additional surgeries and the implied suggestion that society only recognizes humans for how they look, not for who they are.


The fotoshooting which is organized by her is the center of the documentary LESS that amplifies voices, we usually do not hear but were raised to make the world just a little bit more understanding.

A film that follows our perceptions of identity, hence our perception of any diversity and gives an insight into those processes of awareness that arise when – for example in fighting the death – reality causes our perception to change.

A film to make us aware about the misconception of gender binarity and its toxic impact on the development towards an open society of participation and diversity.


Fifteen women share their experiences and express thoughts, that are as emotional as political, as radical as poetic.                                   They surprise with courage and humor. They claim the right to be visible. And they dream of a society where being ‘flat’ is not a stigma, but rather a sign of life after saving the life.

A Nondual Productions project, filmed in September 2015th

director Alexey Shipenko concept & script Anna Langhoff producer Anna Langhoff camera work Reinhold Hanek, León Langhoff, Christian Thiem editing Robert H. Schuhmann


Many wonderful people supported the documentary LESS and our work with donations! Including many friends and colleagues. Very grateful we thank all the anonymous donors as heartily as we thank: Samantha Dishon, Yvonne Yung Hee Bormann, Laura Pellicciari, Stephan Hillerbrand, Elizabeth Balla, Tidi von Tiedemann, Rolf Becker, Christoph Wermke, Bernd Brincken, Kerstin Hoeckel, Arthur Wetzel, Thorsten Schneider, Fabian Joest, Nadine Lipp, Hilke Karrasch, Thoas Lindner, Andre Bolouri, Marion und Lutz Floetenmeyer, Robert Baumgartner, Geraldine Khakshouri, Simon Buck, Meret Becker, Alexander Hawemann, Eva Rodekirchen, Sibylle Stuhler, Sina Wilke, Maria von Heland, Karen Bodamer, Corinna Zehreis, Thedra Adams, Luise Richar, Gritta Ewald, Marc Wilkins, Markus Andreas Klauk, Michael Schumacher, Grazia Pergoletti, Suzana Holtgrave, Iris Baumüller, Irene v. Alberti, Dr. Ulrich Spies, Tini Tüllmann, Andre Kirchner, Uta Melle, Sigrid Schnückel, Miriam Dehne, Corinna Zehreis, Katrin Zehreis, Rachel Anderson, Katharina Palm, Eva Horacek, Deborah Congia, Urda Thiessen, Magdalen Lavery, Kayci Wheatley, Urte Evert, Sophie Wiegel, Juli Lenz, Marion Brasch, Katrin Sure, Petra Blossey, Eva Paulin, Julia Schnitzer, Stefanie Stappenbeck, Friederike Jehn, Dorien Thomsen, Rike Schmid, Ingrid Wanner, K.Wolfermann, Ricarda Farnbacher, Jeannette Ziemeck, Rainer Stuht, Susanne Burgdorf, Bettina Näpelt, Oliver Stumpf, Antje Dahm, Renate Hüren, Roger Brandes, Thomas Jahn, Kristina Wydra, Nicole Ruhl, Claudia Stenger-Grube, Stela Saric, Kirsten Pluntke, Amine Ardhaoui, Anne Ott, Edith Friedman, Sonja Wirwohl, Manuela Ruhl, Wolfgang Kerber, Rita Cruz, Mark Ginsburg, Evangelina B. Jones, Gabriele Laatsch, Maren Barnikow, Diana Jankova, Annette Schott, George Andreadis, Alf Dietrich, David Russo, Rolf Heinz Scheider, Boris Gromatzki, Patricia Heidrich, Kathy Testa, Amber Fraley, Sylvia Schwarz, Claire Walka, Nad Je, Isabel Niederhagen, Leoni Schulz, Thao Wiesner, Tom Eichler, Judith Seither, Katharina Bellena, Katharina Sigwart, Katrin Steigerwald, Mandy Hildebrandt, Harald Hanek, Annette Assmy, Dafne-Maria Fiedler, Thorsten Kosellek, Kathleen Sunshine Obrien, Marion Gretchen Schmitz, Kai Seekings, Bettina Schuff und Silvina Buchbauer.